A cultural exchange project offering space for creative experiments and space for togetherness

Founded in 2019 by Guatemalan artist Mafer Hernández, GRACIA encourages cross –cultural education, inspiration and personal exchange within each discipline and program in hopes of developing a broader and more engaging creative dialogue across countries, cultures and fields of research.

ALL our programs are open to artists, thinkers, writers, scientists, artisans, designers, magicians, earth beings committed to research, practice, and openness to discover.

What is happening right now?

We are loving Palma Estudio, our creative studio
& also are looking forward to our upcoming residents!

Sami Cutrona
Morena Barra
Sara Umles
Kristen Bulger
Summer Moore
Eliška Plechatová
Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Camille Vic-Dupont

and more coming soon