Residency Program

Located in a private home in the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala, the residency hosts and collaborates with international & local artists and non-artists across all fields to support research, creation and connection surrounding creative work, process and purpose.

We provide research assistance and guidance towards project development and local resources. You may design our residency program however you wish.

Gracia aims to introduce residents to the Guatemala that Guatemalans are constantly inspired by.

Gracia hosts solo residencies in a private home located in the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala.

Previous residents have included filmmakers, painters, photographers, writers, architects and others.

You don’t need to be an artist or a creative person to apply – that language may appear but please let it be clearly known ANY person working or not working in ANY FIELD or profession or practice is ENCOURAGED to apply.


Our residency program is focused on your creative practice and all the ways it can manifest.

Residents work independently on proposed project or research.

Residents are also encouraged to do nothing, to rest, to not work. To read one book slowly. Or go into town everyday and explore. You may design this residency however you wish.

Gracia provides residents with general orientation to Guatemala, research assistance and guidance towards project development and local resources.

- A restful, comfortable and quiet space.
- Considerate of our residents needs. We are flexible and listening.
- Open to all beings from all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders, all abilities.

Residencies include:
- Initial call one month prior to residency
- Assistance with research development, local introductions and navigation of the area
- Guatemala City Airport pick-up and transportation to the residency upon arrival & departure

Residency House & Studio
- Housing with private room, amenities and wifi
- Access to a private studio and garden
- Weekday Breakfast
- Access to kitchen with cooking utilities

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