Located in a private home in the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala, the residency hosts and collaborates with international & local artists and non-artists across all fields to support research, creation and connection surrounding creative work, process and purpose. 

We provide research assistance and guidance towards project development and local resources. You may design our residency program however you wish.

Gracia aims to introduce residents to the Guatemala that Guatemalans are constantly inspired by.

Gracia hosts solo residencies in a private home located in the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala

Previous residents have included filmmakers, painters, photographers and others.

You don’t need to be an artist or a creative person to apply – that language may appear but please let it be clearly known ANY person working or not working in ANY FIELD or profession or practice is ENCOURAGED to apply.


The program is focused on your creative practice and all the ways it can manifest.

Residents work independently on proposed project or research.

Residents are also encouraged to do nothing, to rest, to not work. To read one book slowly. Or go into town everyday and explore. You may design this residency however you wish.

Gracia provides residents with general orientation to Guatemala, research assistance and guidance towards project development and local resources.

- A restful, comfortable and quiet space.
- Considerate of our residents needs. We are flexible and listening.
- Open to all beings from all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders, all abilities.

Residencies include:
- Planning call one month prior to residency
- Housing with amenities and wifi
- Initial meeting and orientation to Antigua
- Assistance with research development, local introductions and navigation of the area
- Access to a private workspace in the residency house (fully furnished outdoor pergola with roof)
- Weekday Breakfast
- Access to kitchen with cooking utilities
- Transportation to the residency house from Guatemala City airport upon arrival and departure (only if arriving/departing right before/after residency)


Residents that come to Gracia stay at la luna, a private bedroom with high ceilings and a balcony situated on the second floor of the house. It has a shared bath slightly outside the room. On the first floor, residents have a private outdoor workspace, access to kitchen, and common spaces. Our founder and Guatemalan artist, Mafer Hernandez lives at the house throughout the residency.



SPRING / SUMMER 2021 (Applications close July 12, 2020. Residents are notified by August 30, 2020)
APRIL 8-21

SUMMER / FALL 2021 (Applications close December 2, 2020. Residents are notified by January 15, 2021)
APRIL 26 - MAY 9
JUNE 4 - 17
JUNE 19 - JULY 2
JULY 12-25

FALL / WINTER 2021  (Applications close February 7, 2021. Residents are notified by March 7, 2021)

2020 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we have decided to close down open applications for the 2020-2021 program so we can accommodate our current accepted residents to a later date.


Applying is free.

We encourage innovative and varying interests, projects and research topics. Collaborators are strongly encouraged and welcome to apply together. We look forward to learning more about your work & process! Contact with any questions.

Fee Information

2 week residency: $590 (program + housing) / $490 per person for two collaborators (program + shared housing). Prices are in USD. 50% deposit due upon confirmation of attendance. Final deposit will be due sixty days before the program.

* Deposits are non-refundable and residency dates are non-transferable.
Contact for more information. We are happy to work with accepted residents on varying payments plans and installments. - Please note: We are a small independent arts program and do not receive external funding support. Residency fees are priced to maintain sustainability of the program. For interested applicants and accepted residents in need of funding assistance, we suggest looking into outside resources such as Artadia, Foundation for Arts Initiatives, Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, Jerome Foundation, Harpo Foundation, Pollock-Krasner Grants, Aaron Siskind Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts, Sustainable Arts Foundation, The Awesome Foundation, and Kickstarter. We are happy to provide letters of invitation or other documents of support.


The house is located in Jocotenango, it is a 15 min. bus ride into the main parts of town.

Our residencies are solo residencies meaning we host one resident or two collaborators (w/ shared room) at a time.

We assist with project development and research as much as possible to create a platform of support, conversation, reflection, and accessibility. That said, all needs and desires are not always possible to access and the primary work does lie in the hands of resident themselves.

Applicants are encouraged to consider (both on application and during their stay) how their work or research will interact with Guatemala as a place, community and culture, and to reflect on their role and responsibility as a an artist or researcher learning and creating in a new location. Due to the limited time-frame, we are less focused on residents’ capability to learn / produce / execute, and more so on the thoughtful process and purpose from which we are doing so.

︎ Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala