Antigua Recs


⊹ Hike up to Cerro de la Cruz and check out Agua Volcano overlooking the colonial town we all love


This town has A LOT of restaurants offering different types of cuisines. I’m sharing my favorite Guatemalan-owned options.

These are our top 3:

⊹ Comalote - 100% Guatemalan cuisine

⊹ Barriga Llena - If you only go out to eat once, this is it

⊹ Por Qué No? Cafe - For special times

More favorites:

⊹ Caoba Farms - Organic farm to table

⊹ Once Once - The only 100% vegan restaurant

⊹ Pitaya - Inside one of the BEST hotels in town

⊹ Kombu Ramen Shop - A locals favorite

⊹ Fridas - Mezcal and tacos

⊹ El Local - For chill times

⊹ Nana - Has a great vintage clothing store inside

⊹ Fermento - For the happy hour and ravioli


⊹ Artista de Cafe - Co-work heaven

⊹ Alegria Cafe - Best coffee in town

⊹ 12 Onzas - Good carajillo and back patio


⊹ Ulew - No menu but a nice surprise

⊹ Cafe no se - Mezcal dive bar

⊹ La Casa del Ron - Try some Guatemalan rum


⊹ Check out some art spaces - From our cultural guide

⊹ La Azotea - 150 year old coffee farm 

⊹ Calle del Arco - Home of the famous Santa Catarina Arch 

⊹ Earth Lodge - Take a break from town 

⊹ Casa Santo Domingo - Museums, hotel & spa 

⊹ Colonial Ruins - Capuchinas is our favorite


⊹ Nim Pot - Filled with pieces from Artisan Cooperatives 

⊹ Xibalba Studio - Check out jade jewelry in the making 

⊹ Luna Zorro Studio & Nada Duele - Design heaven


⊹ Libreria next to Restaurant Puerta Once

⊹ La Bodegona Antigua - Check out the second floor 

⊹ Office Depot 

⊹ Papeleria Arriola


⊹ La Fábrica

⊹ Shakti Shala 


GRACIA Workshops

Residents receive a 20% discount for all in-house workshops. Bundle and save an additional 10%.

If someone that is not a part of the residency program wants to join you, our regular prices remain for them.

⊹ Natural Dyes

An in-depth workshop to introduce you to textile dyeing with different local plants and ph modifiers - we will work with 2 plants to make 10 color swatches on cotton and dye a cotton pouch.

Only available when Mafer is in town

⊹ Botanical Paints + Inks

An in-depth experience to begin your journey into the plant-to-paint process with two local plants - we will play with them on watercolor paper and a cotton pouch.

Only available when Mafer is in town

⊹ Equipment Rent

Know you want to dye or make more paint after you’ve taken one of our workshops?

We will provide 2 pots for dyeing, a colander, mixing spoons, a scale, and a bucket for an additional $25 USD to be used during your residency.


From locals

Kakaw Designs

Back-strap Weaving Workshop INFO

Book through WhatsApp: +502 5191-1991

Xibalba Estudio

Jade Jewelry Carving Workshop

Book through Instagram

De La Gente

Coffee tour

Book through their website

Wicho & Charlie's

Acatenango hike

Book through their website

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