Our cultural guide is an introduction to the contemporary Guatemalan scene which speaks to our vast and complex history as a multicultural and multilingual country.

Please note we aim to include as much as we can and represent as many cultures and political viewpoints as we can but this guide includes a brief part of what there is to discover in our country.


Antigua Guatemala

La Nueva Fábrica - @lanuevafabricagt

FUNBA - @funbagt (you need to book ahead)

Munag - @munaggt

Espacio Libelula -@espaciolibelula.antigua

Guatemala City

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Proyecto Poporopo - @proyectopoporopo

Proyectos Ultravioleta - @proyectosultravioleta

Extra Galería - @la_extra____________

Segismundo - @segissegissegis

Perjura - @perjura_proyecto

La Galería Rebelde - @lagaleriarebelde

La ERRE - @laerrederara

NuMu - @elnumu

Houseguest - @byhouseguest

Munam - @munamgt


Jayro Bustamante trilogy 

Ixcanul - Info

Temblores - Info

La Llorona - Info

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The Popol Vuh

Mr. President - Miguel Ángel Asturias

I, Rigoberta Menchú - Rigoberta Menchú

Guatemala: Never Again! - Archdiocese of Guatemala
(TW: this book might be triggering and heavy to read through; for guatemalans, it is one of the most important books ever written)

Plantas Tintóreas de Guatemala - Olga Reiche

Lenguajes de Luz: Dos Siglos de Fotografía en Guatemala - Fototeca

Tonatiuh - Juan Brenner


Our curated playlist showcasing different genres by Guatemalan musicians

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