La casita is centered on art exploration & education. The house is filled with local art, artisan-designed goods, and a selection of Latin American art books & magazines.

Residents stay in one of our two private rooms (shared bathroom) and receive access to one of our individual studios with a desk and wall space. Residents also receive access to the kitchen and common spaces.

Our founder and Guatemalan artist, Mafer Hernandez works here throughout the residency to support and assist our residents.

Resident’s Handbook

Only those who have registered for the artist residency program by GRACIA are permitted to reside in the GRACIA residency house.

Onboarding & Off-Boarding Procedures

⊹ Upon arrival, all residents must hold their valid passports to check in and will be guided on the onboarding process by Mafer, who will give you keys to the residency house upon signing the Artist in Residence Agreement.

⊹ Use of the residency house for any purpose other than personal residence and art practice is not allowed.

⊹ Change of rooms without prior approval from management is not allowed.

⊹ Immediately after the termination of the program, residents need to have their rooms vacated and all personal property removed from the rooms and studio space. GRACIA will not be liable for any loss of or damage to such properties whatsoever.

⊹ Residents will give their house keys back to Mafer and assist the management to finish the off-boarding procedure before they head out. Missing keys will have an extra fee of Q30 or $4 USD.


⊹ Most of the furniture, home decor and art is either custom-made, artisan-designed, or vintage; we ask you to take care of our casita so everyone can enjoy it. Please keep all spaces clean. In case of loss and/or damage, GRACIA reserves the right of charging for compensation. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

⊹ Quiet hours are 10 PM to 7 AM. At all times, residents shall keep their noise level at a reasonable level so as not to cause nuisance to their neighbors.

⊹ Please turn lights off when not in use. Turn all lights off at night.

⊹ No smoking inside the house or studios. Please step outside to the garden to smoke. Open flames, including candles and incense, are not allowed in any part of the house.

⊹ Residents shall not bring any dangerous and forbidden drugs as defined in the Guatemalan law. No guns, explosive or poisonous articles are allowed.

⊹ No physiological, psychological, sexual or racial disturbance is allowed.

⊹ Commercial activities are not allowed in the premises without prior permission.

In Rooms

⊹ Please keep your room area clean. We have a cleaning service that comes weekly but are not authorized to clean rooms throughout residencies, just common areas and bathrooms.

⊹ Don’t flush anything down the toilet! The drainage system in the country is old. Toilet paper and everything else should go into the trash can.

⊹ There’s a couple of laundry services we can share that will pick up and drop off.

⊹ As a general rule, be aware and do not let strangers enter your room. When leaving your room, please close the door. Residents shall accompany their visitors throughout their visits (8 AM to 10 PM) and be responsible for the acts of their visitors.

Common Areas

⊹ Hallways are to be kept clear of equipment, furniture, trash and any other objects as they will obstruct passage.

⊹ Please don't leave your dishes dirty or unsealed food anywhere, they will call insects into the house.

Studio Spaces

⊹ Please ask for a drop cloth or butcher paper to keep the floor, walls, and desk stain and paint free.

⊹ Absolutely no drilling or hammering on the walls is allowed.

⊹ It is not allowed for residents to go into other studio spaces but their own unless they have been invited. We are all artists so lets respect each other’s space and art.

⊹ Possessions of chemicals, explosives or highly combustible materials are strictly disallowed in the house.