Residency Program

Located in Antigua Guatemala, our residency hosts and collaborates with international & local creatives across all fields to support research, creation and connection surrounding creative work, process and purpose.

Our residency program is focused on your creative practice and all the ways it can manifest. Residents work independently on proposed project or research. Residents are also encouraged to do nothing, to rest, to not work. To read one book slowly. Or go into town everyday and explore. You may design this residency however you wish.

Program Details

Each resident creates their own daily work schedule depending on their project and work/research methods. Residents are given the option to teach a workshop or give an artist talk to the local community. Our staff and residents meet weekly for discussions.

We assist with project development and research as much as possible to create a platform of support, conversation, reflection, and accessibility. That said, all needs and desires are not always possible to access and the primary work does lie in the hands of resident themselves.

Applicants are encouraged to consider how their work or research will interact with Guatemala and it’s vast history, and to reflect on their role and responsibility as a maker learning and creating in a new country.

Previous residents have included filmmakers, painters, photographers, writers, textile artists and others. Learn more about them here.