Camille Vic-Dupont

known for her ambitious, large-scale, and explosively colorful interventions in public spaces, Camille Walala uses the man-made landscape as a platform for disseminating positivity. Her work encompasses full-facade murals, immersive 3D installations, street art, interiors, and set design – characterized by a fusion of bold colors and playful geometric patterns. Camille finds inspiration in community and collaboration, and the power of color and pattern to transform atmospheres, elevate moods, and spark positivity.

Claudia Brncic Becker

5 years ago she started working as a self-taught textile artist. she opened an experimental studio/workshop, which fuses macramé, loom, weaving, and barrement techniques, among others, to create textile pieces as decorative and artistic elements. The pieces that she designs and creates are mostly signature pieces, reflecting her love and passion for yarns, wool, ropes, pigments, and natural elements. She likes to intervene in each piece to create unique, original, and timeless works that stand out in any space and give harmony and balance to the environment. She works with artisans from Guatemala and other parts of the world, always looking for sustainable and handmade raw materials.

Lot Winther

although frequently taking base in Denmark, Lot has spent most of the past year in Latin America, which has and continues to provide her with inspiration. Especially street art evolving current women's issues has caught her attention and sparked reflection. Her artworks have always centered around women and liberating the female figure. With her pieces, she aims to empower women to step into their power and shine their light.