Veronica Wolfgang

is a multi-hyphenate artist and designer, currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their work draws upon queerness, and intergenerational knowledge structures, & is heavily inspired by the architecture of nature. They are currently exploring the relationship between organic textures and primordial collective memory.

Their work utilizes integral film, preserved nature, and textile waste in conjunction with traditional sculptural techniques to create dynamic works that explore how flux and static form can come together. The contradiction between fleeting structures and tactile experience fascinates them. In their approach, unconventional mediums and traditional techniques combine to form reliquaries of experience.

While still early in their career, Wolfgang has recently completed a residency at Carrie Able Gallery in Williamsburg, NY. their work has been featured in group shows at Carrie Able Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Shockboxx Gallery (Hermosa Beach, CA), Millepaini (Rome, Italy), & PH21 (Budapest, Hungary).

Ann Trinca

is a photographer and curator living in Northern California. Her work explores themes of decay, spirituality, and human interaction. She has traveled to Indonesia, Argentina, Myanmar, Japan and Mexico in search of moments that express her fascination with light, color, and the absurd. Her images and travel writing have been featured on sites such as and self-taught, she has been mentored by photographers Ron Zak and Norma I. Quintana and has participated in photography trips over the past ten years. She is inspired by the history of street photography and models her color work after innovators such as Steve McCurry and William Eggleston and the poetic black and white images of Manuel Álvarez Bravo and Daido Moriyama. As an independent curator and intermittent gallery owner, Trinca has produced numerous group and solo exhibitions including regional and international artists. For the past 20 years, she has been an arts administrator working with prominent organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. After coaching other visual artists in career development, she is now refocusing her passions to embrace her own talents and personal visions.