Jes Young

is a non-binary educator and mixed media sculpture artist based in Toronto. Their practice investigates alternative uses of space inspired by infestations and repetitive natural patterns. They practice fluidity within all things.

Young received their Masters of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours, and Bachelor of Education from York University. They have held a guest artist position at York University and exhibited work in and around Toronto such as Something Creative’s Bi Bi Baby Showcases (2022), Nuit Blanche Toronto (2022) with East End Arts’ ‘In View’, The Artist Project Toronto (2023), and The Gladstone House Artist Residency (2023). Alongside continuing to develop their artistic practice they are currently working as a Fabricator for local Toronto artists such as Cybele Young and Erin Vincent.

Isaac Diaz

Uoqaus - an adaptation of the Finnish word “huokaus”, meaning to sigh.

Here, the relationship between ceramics and people is explored. Both are uneven and imperfect, yet made of earth. While looking to these connections, uoqaus also reinterprets ancient stories and traditions. Uoqaus mostly finds inspiration through the old, and alive, cultures of Latin America. Uoqaus is a sigh of what can be, a desire for something else while creating that “something else.”  

Uoqaus was started in 2019 by Isaac Diaz. Isaac currently lives and works in Oklahoma City.

Rebecca Lejić-Tiernan

is a lens-based artist currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

She is a Serbian-Irish immigrant whose work explores the challenges of identity formation in our modern, often contradictory world. Her work regularly focuses on the effect identity has on perception, the recursive female gaze, cognitive dissonance and its social implications, and the remembrance of our natural world. Her installations and photography series have been shortlisted for the 2022 Aesthetica Art Prize and the 2022 Sunny Art Prize. Her film works have been exhibited internationally at Cannes Film Festival with Straight8, Altered Images Festival, US Super8 and Digital Video Festival, Back_Up Film Festival, and Moscow Shorts, among others.