Molly Hiebert

work is a result of continued discoveries into both her individual psyche and the internal narrative she has created with the world she lives in. The space we occupy at any given moment makes us feel a certain type of way. Good design simply makes us feel good. The way she paints is dictated by her emotions at that given moment as well as the space it will soon occupy. Using soft and neutral tones, Molly aims to create work that feels heavy yet delicate, archaic yet contemporary, often in and out of her control. Using her fingers, found objects and hand tools, she attempts to blur the boundary between the contemporary and the primitive. Through this process, Molly aims to gain a better understanding of what it means to make work in the contemporary age, and deepen her understanding in the design of spaces.

Calli Webb

is a curator and photographer living and working in Los Angeles, CA. With an interest in impermanence and the temporality of interpersonal relationships, she uses the lens to explore memory, love, and loss. Using photo, video, and written word, moments in time are returned to again and again to glean every bit of feeling from them. Time collapses in on itself while the image remains. Calli has also curated shows in Los Angeles, the latest being a mixed media / sculpture show at These Days LA. She is working toward the next, which will hopefully be realized in fall of 2022.

Daniela Monzi

is an elopement and fine art photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. Her work centers around the human experience, our shared existence, and the quest for revealing the truest form of each person that she documents. Her passion for travel has allowed her to explore six continents and over 20 countries through her lens, producing a body of work that spans across urban and natural environments. While her photography journey began as a young child in New York, Daniela honed hercraft more thoroughly at the San Francisco Art Institute, receiving a BFA in Photography in2017. Her work has been publicly exhibited in San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, and Philadelphia, PA.