Marianna Madriz

is an illustrator originally from Venezuela currently based in London, UK. Her work is characterised for its focus on colourful characters, inspired on daily observations and childhood influences. She's worked on many non-fiction books for children, including the biography series "Little Guides to Great Lives" (translated in Spanish by the editorial Blume). Aside from her freelance practice, she also delivers talks and workshops for universities and museums.

Alexa McWhorter

is a California native with an unwavering love for design and film. Growing up in the Bay Area, the rolling hills and lanky oak trees were her first inspirations. With a solid foundation in the fine arts, Al-e graduated UC San Diego with a BA in Visual Arts in 2018. Since graduating she has gained experience in the entertainment industry as a Studio Operations Coordinator at Industrial, Light and Magic, a freelancer in the art department and graphic design work. Most recently she is completing her MFA in design at the American Film Institute. She loves velvet furniture, stray cats and antique wallpaper.

Sophia McWhorter

is from the hills of Northern California. There she found a love for the untouched land and the exploration of different landscapes. She took up photography in her free time. Sophie majored in Strategic Communications and worked at a Safe Shelter where she worked with art as a form of expression of trauma. She now is getting her Masters in Clinical Social Work at Boston University. In her free time she loves getting in touch with creativity and practices drawing, painting, and enjoys spending time in nature doing just about anything. Sophie also ADORES all and any animals.