Andrea Reed-Leal

is an interdisciplinary researcher and ceramic artist/designer. Her research engages subjects such as the history of the book, female intellectuality, circulation of ideas, and diverse textual technologies, such as ceramics, codices, stone, and codices, in the context of early colonial Latin America. Working on the intersection between different times and geographies, she seeks to assess the repercussions of knowledge of the past and archive-building on the contemporary imaginary. Her current scholarly project investigates the representation of Nahua women and Aztec goddesses in the colonial archive.

Miranda Vitello

is an artist based in Cambridge, MA who creates fun and lively depictions of landscapes, birds, flowers, dancers, and other subjects she enjoys. She works in a variety of mediums including oil, watercolor, gouache, and pastel. While she has taken several drawing and painting classes as an adult, she is mainly self-taught. She has degrees in art history and museum studies and love to travel to new places in search of inspiration. Her work has been exhibited at numerous galleries in New England.

Michelle Garcia

is a Los Angeles, California native, and has explored a plethora ofart mediums from an adolescent age under the guidance of her immigrant parents. As a child,she cultivated a personal relationship with learning through art and performance. She has dedicated her approach to life through the lens of interdisciplinary agencies. She presently hastapped into textile manipulation and mixed media as an outlet to convey her ancestral story. Her adulthood has brought a yearning to memorialize her lineage through a personal collection ofartworks, with the intent to find community through her storytelling.