Mafer Hernandez

Founder & Director

Mafer is a Guatemalan artist based in Antigua Guatemala. She creates visual experiences on color, light, space and movement using photography, installations, books, natural dyes, botanical pigments, and sculptural elements.

Mafer holds a BFA in photography and printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute (2018). Her work has been presented at La Fototeca and Mesón Panza Verde in Guatemala, and Root Division and Arion Press in San Francisco, California. Her work is included in the de Young Museum Collection and the Latin American Collection of the Stanford University Libraries.

Isabela Celis

Program Assistant

Isabela is a stippling artist based in Guatemala. With a passion and longing for creation, Isabela found the use of stipples as a form of expression and creative outlet. Her artistry has been self-taught and she intends to further her artistic journey through collaging and photography.

Isabela’s work focuses on using specks as the tool to share the way she feels and how she likes to portray different objects, feelings and herself. Treating the use of this technique as a haven in which she seeks comfort and balance. Isabela has taken photography workshops with La Fototeca in Guatemala City.

Alejandra Tortola

House Manager

Alejandra is responsible for the organization behind la casita. She was born in Antigua Guatemala and currently lives in a smaller village with her daughter, son, and husband. She enjoys listening to music, cracking a joke (or two), and learning from everyone who comes through la casita.

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